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By Dennis Murray, PGA Professional, Head Golf Coach

"UNCOMPLICATED GOLF blends basic fundamentals with natural learning techniques to Guarantee students Play Better Golf … or Lessons are FREE.  We are not in the business of changing golf swings, we change the results of the swing.  We don’t teach Golf to people - we teach people to Golf, to shoot lower scores and have more FUN.”  -Coach Dennis Murray, PGA
Eye-hand coordination skills required to play the game of Golf are more easily learned when we overcome the fear and self doubt that interferes with learning and get in touch with our bodies and what we are feeling. Trying too hard is a result of excessive thinking and interferes with instincts, diminishes coordination and the ability to perform. UNCOMPLICATED GOLF has solutions for all of these problems through natural learning techniques ... making golf more fun.
"Dennis Murray possesses a very special talent for playing and teaching the game of golf." - Jim Flick, Coach of Jack Nicklaus, Tom Lehman,
                Top 50 Teachers - 20th Century
Golf can be an easy game to learn for beginners and improvements can be made easier by all golfers when the learning and teaching is uncomplicated and practical. Worrying about results causes muscle tension and undermines the learning process. UNCOMPLICATED GOLF Instruction creates an environment for students to learn and improve rapidly through Specific Practice Routines … making practicing and playing the game of Golf a lot more FUN.
Muscle tightness is the #1 problem for most golfers.  By redirecting thoughts and eliminating negative "self-talk," our students are able to get comfortable and relaxed ... the starting point for learning and improving. You learn to practice with a purpose and develop basic fundamental skills, the foundation to every good golf game. Specific practice routines provide instant feedback, so you learn to trust your instincts and play better golf … all the time.
"If people held a fork and spoon like they grip a golf club ... most would starve to death." 
                                                                                                                               -Sam Snead
"Golf is a game played on the six-inch course between the ears."  -Bobby Jones 
These players' comments were about the inner game of golf … the game in the mind. Golfers must learn to overcome anxiety, and better control their nerves, rather than playing in fear from shot to shot, and losing the battle against muscle tension and tightness. Improving the mental approach is the first step, making it easier to improve the physical aspects required for playing better golf … and playing more consistently at peak performance levels.
Golfers improve when given correct information and applying it properly. Every golfer is different just like every person is different.  One method doesn’t work for everyone.  UNCOMPLICATED GOLF Instruction respects every individual’s personal technique. 
Our coaching helps you understand your personal technique and provides shortcuts to making your game more consistent without having to change everything ... and teaches you how to manage your game to lower scores.
UNCOMPLICATED GOLF simplifies the learning process by identifying individual learning styles and unique capabilities. This enables you to enjoy success and develop the confidence necessary to consistently play to “your” potential. From beginners to PGA Tour Players, individuals from all walks of life are learning to play better golf … the uncomplicated way.